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Selling Process


Today's sellers are fortunate enough to enjoy a robust market where well-priced and well-cared-for homes typically won't sit on the market for long, but every home, and therefore every home sale, is different. Even if you've sold a home in the past, you'll need to re-educate yourself on the many steps involved to ensure you're armed with the right tools to produce the desired result. Here are just a few of the steps you'll need to take to sell your home in today's market:


Hiring an Agent

Your agent will research and prepare a pricing and marketing plan that best fits your home by taking you through a comparative market analysis. This report will show you homes with similar features, similar square footage and similar updates that are currently listed, under contract or have recently sold in your area. Supply and demand, craftsmanship, amenities, upgrades, condition, layout and size are all factors that go into deciding the right price for your home.


Listing & Marketing Your Home

Listing your home means more than putting a sign up in your yard. We'll not only list your home in the multiple listing system to announce it to every realtor in the city, we'll host open houses, advertise on real estate and social media sites (Trulia, Zillow, Facebook, Craigslist and many more), create a unique property flyer with a professionally written description, network with fellow brokers to announce your property's availability and more.


Accepting an Offer

Once one or multiple offers come in, we'll sit down to go over both the price and the terms that are up for negotiation. During this review, we'll want to consider several factors to assess whether or not you want to accept the offer, counter or reject it outright, including: is the offer contingent (i.e. the buyer would need to sell a home to be able to purchase yours), are the buyers financially qualified with a pre-approval letter, is the earnest money amount indicative of a serious offer, any there any additional contingencies on top of the standard ones, is this a viable offer based on the current market conditions, how do the offers compare in the case of a multiple offer situation? We'll go over all of these question to ensure you're making the most informed decision.


Negotiating The Deal

Now that you've got a viable offer in hand, it's time to negotiate the details. If a counter offer is the appropriate response, there may be several back and forth negotiations before you have an accepted offer in hand (assuming you and the buyer can come to an agreement). Once initial negotiations have ceased, the buyer will most likely order a professional home inspection at the property, which usually kicks off a second round of negotiations around property repairs. When considering what repairs to accept, we'll talk about what you're financially able to handle and advise you as to what repair requests are reasonable based on years of experience.


Closing the Deal

Upon a satisfactory inspection and appraisal, the lender will move forward with approving and funding the loan. During this time, we'll work on finalizing any details and preparing for the close of the transaction. We'll coordinate with the escrow officer to sign all the appropriate papers and address any last questions before officially transferring the property over to the new owner. If at any time during your property's closing process you should need a referral for moving professionals or similar services, just let us know!