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How Much Is Your Home Worth?

Regardless of if you're thinking of selling your home or are just curious about how the market has affected it's value, it's helpful to know exactly what your home is worth. By comparing your home to recent sales and other, similar homes on the market, I can quickly tell you what your home is worth with a Comparative Market Analysis, or CMA. Just fill out the form below and I'll get back to you with the results!

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Here are some crazy things would-be home buyers have said to lenders, and why they’re cause for concern. ...

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What you say can—and will—be used against you. https://t.co/1f2ZinrkUm

October 17 2017 

There are about 2,900 dryer fires a year. The leading cause? Failure to clean dryer vents. https://t.co/rK2HIS5XJ7 ...

October 17 2017 

When your lender reveals serious issues with your spouse’s credit, things can get awkward fast. https://t.co/JvpMT1Dzf6 ...

October 17 2017